Monday, September 6, 2010


Saying goodbye is never easy... especially for me. Here are the three cute, smart, adorable college students just before we said good-bye.
T.....Terrific Friend
A.... Always finding something fun to do.
Y.... Yodeling Yell (she's famous for it.:)
L.... Laughing - all the time.
O.... Outstanding student
R.... Right - (She may not know her left from her right... but she's headed in the right direction)

Taylor we will miss you! Good luck this semester.

Idaho or Bust

IDAHO... home of the Potato Museum.... Craters of the Moon....Lava Hot Springs.... Sizzler (voted the best steak house in town - Really?).... and now TAYLOR GOFF.

BYU-Idaho... home for the next years.

First they (Taylor and her two cousins- Aly and Haley) had to sign their housing contracts and Mom and Dad had to fork over a big fat check.
Cooper was a good sport... finding the Pita Pit to his liking.

Aidan and Cooper playing D.S.... this was only when they weren't trying to make weapons out of plastic hangers or throwing shoes at each other. Yes, they got a little bored... but were good brothers.... not too annoying.

Taylor telling me to put down the camera and start packing... I mean hauling it all in.

OK... I forgot to turn this picture when I loaded it, but you get the idea. Taylor and 3 other girls... yes 4 girls are all upstairs in this house. There are 4 others in the front of the house and another 4 in the back. YES... that's 12 girls. I call that a sorority. They have 2 kitchens, 3 refridgerators, 3 bathrooms, and 1 living room. This could be interesting.
Here's her bed all made up... I don't think it will stay that way for long.

Haley, Taylor, and Aly in their cute living room, standing under some kind of Asian decoration. We told them it was not mistletoe.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I should really call this post "Not Costa Rica." So, for Taylor's HS graduation I thought we would go on some FABULOUS out of this world trip, so I tried booking a trip to Costa Rica. But I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Someone told it was the rainy season and August is not a good time to go, so I got talked out of it. (FYI - our neighbors went instead... they said it was FABULOUS - oh, well some other time.) Instead we went to San Diego with Melissa and Chad's crew. IT WAS A GREAT SUBSTITUTE!
Taylor and Whitney (Taylor's BFF - do people still say that?), trying to get some rays and some reading done. I don't think either was accomplished. However, they did get some "riding" done, on some awesome beachcomber bikes.

Carly and Cooper love the sand and the water. They would stay in all day if they could.
Dana could handle the water only up to his ankles (that's 2 more inches than me). That water was cold!

Give that boy a BOOGIE Board! He got pretty good!

Love this girl.... will dearly miss her when she goes to BYU-I. Our house will be very quiet!

The sand monster! Now that girl can make a sand castle and boogie board like no other.

The whole gang... (minus Melissa's crew)... Notice the red faces! We didn't mind. The week before was overcast and cold.... so we got lucky. Great, relaxing family vaca. It's not Costa Rica... but hey, it will do.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


OK.... it's been about a year since we've (I) have updated our blog. So, I'm going to try and do it in a minute... or should I say, "1 year in 20 pictures... or so." When I first started this, I told myself I would pick only 1 picture from each event, so I wouldn't bore anyone.... but have you ever tried to narrow down a major event in your life to just one picture?

October: We'll start here... with proof that Dana is smiling and is at Disneyland. I think he secretly enjoyed it.
We rode Splash Mountain about 5 times in order to get the perfect picture. I hint another slight smile on Dana.

Newport Beach:
BEAUTIFUL! BLAST! (except when Cooper got stung twice by bees)

Cooper the Ninja

Carly the Nerd

Taylor the Zebra

This is how we spent our Saturdays this past fall... watching Cooper play football.

Cooper plays middle linebacker. He maybe small... but he can hit!

The team!


McKenzie Goff our neice took our family pictures this year. We had a blast and she did a great job.

Love the yellow and black.
And we didn't have any major "What to wear drama"... maybe its because I got a new coat out of the deal. Saw it at Target and said, "I have to have that."
Christmas morning. We make the kids wait on the stairs until we're all ready.

Christmas Eve:
We drive up to Santa every Christmas Eve, while he's on a break in Alpine.

It wouldn't be Christmas without the grade school program....

gingerbread houses...

crazy sweaters (she actually wore this to school.)

and good friends....

PROM (yes this was in March - but I forgot to put it in)


St. George - a great getaway in the middle of the winter. Thanks Jeppesen's.


FEBRUARY: Snowbird
My two boarders!

This is what I love about Utah. One week you can be enjoying the sun in St. George... the next the snow at Snowbird. Thanks Jason and Shelley for the invite!

Cooper is still skiing. He really wants to board. Maybe next year.

They had to have those hats. I think this is the only time they've worn them. They each owe me $30.

Cooper's 8th Birthday

We took all his buddies to Jump On It.

Cooper says this is the best cake ever (Snikers from Macey's- really?)