Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We're Back!

Red Fish Lake, Idaho
June 11, 2010
Dille Reunion/Run/Anniversary
Sun Valley, Idaho
June 12, 2010
After a crazy year of ups and downs, I finally experienced the biggest up and down of the year - THE SAWTOOTH MOUNTAINS. About 8 months ago my crazy sisters came up with a plan to run in the Sawtooth Relay. I'm not a runner, but thought, "Hey, why not."
We came up with a team name: "Dile 5 +1" - not very creative, we could have put a little more thought into it. The +1 is my brother in-law David (married to Devri) - He was our driver and our back up runner, in case anyone backed out of their leg or got hurt. Luckily he only had to run his 2 legs, even though they were probably the hardest ones. We all ran 2 legs, with each leg being about 5 miles each. So, 10 miles total. A big thank-you to my Bootcamp Buddies who helped get me into shape. We set an initial goal of just finishing... then changed it to under 12 hours. I'm happy to report we finished in 10 hours and 25 minutes... not bad for 3 women in their 40's, 2 headed in that direction, and 1 40 + guy.
And a big thank-you to my family for being the great support team possible. I couldn't have done it without you! Thanks!