Thursday, September 25, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance?

We (the goff girls) love "So You Think You Can Dance." So, I surprised the girls with tickets this week to the show now touring. My nephew helped me score 9th row floor seats. (Thank-you Ryan!) We had such a great time. I've included pictures of two of my favorite dances. Originally, I was going to take Cooper. I think he's still mad at me for not taking him to Hannah Montana. But he didn't really seem to care about this one, and Dana did not want him missing football practice to watch a bunch a guys dancing. So, Carly got to take her friend Brady. She's a fan too... so it was a blast! Thanks for a great GNO (Girl's Night Out!)

Back to School

2008 School Year
Taylor's a Jr. at Lone Peak High
Cooper's a 1st Grader at Westfield Elementary
Carly is in 7th Grade at Timberline Middle School

Taylor is my "Fashion Diva" always looking her best.
Cooper picked out his own Tiger shirt for the first day of school. However, he did not want to give me a good picture. I have about 5 of him giving me funny faces and poses.
Dana and I were in Seattle on Carly's first day back to school, so my good friend Kathy took this picture. She looks beautiful in front of the flowers. (OK I'm biased) It's amazing to think she's in 7th grade.