Friday, June 19, 2009


Cooper's baseball team went to Cowabungabay for their end of the season party. It was pretty cold, but the boys didn't seem to mind. Thanks so much to Mike and Julie Huish! I now call Cowabunga the Huish Hangout... and it's the coolest hangout ever.
Taylor even goes when she's not working there. Thanks again Mike and Julie for getting her a job there.
The lazy river is heated to 90 degrees, so Dana loved that.

I had to hold them down for this picture. They didn't want to stop, I think for fear of getting cold.
KUTV even showed up to do a live shot for their story on how the weather is hurting outdoor businesses. Of course, Cooper found a way to get on TV. :) He forgot his mom said, dont' jump up and down and act like a fool. I've seen way too much of that.