Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mediterranean Cruise

How many cathedrals can you see in a week? More than you can count. This one is in Barcelona; the projected completion date is 2030, seriously.
This is from the island of Malta, in the Mediterranean between Italy and Libya. Malta played a vital role in WWII, is also known as the place that St. John was stranded for two years after his boat crashed, and is the current location of the famous painting of John the Baptist being beheaded.
The city of Pompeii Italy with Mount Vesuvius in the background. We will spare you the photos of preserved bodies that were found in the ash.
The Coliseum in Rome. This was truly an unbelievable thing to see.
Another Catholic Cathedral, unlike Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Biden (an active Catholic), leans slightly to the right.

Fall in Rome

Just got back from an amazing cruise of the Mediterranean. I was a little sad that I missed fall in Utah, my favorite time of year. However, I got to see the amazing fall colors in the sunset while leaving Rome.