Monday, August 11, 2008


Because we have been so busy, our blog hasn't been updated in a while. And since the kids start school this nex week, i thought i would just do one big post of all the things we have done this summer.

For Father's Day I took the kids to get some pictures taken. They turned out really good!

We also decided to take a trip to the zoo with some friends. The kids loved it, Taylor not so much!

For the Fourth of July, we had My parents in town along with my sister, Courtney, and her daughter, Race. We had a BBQ and swam over at my other sister, Dustin's house. After that we went to the Stadium of Fire with Miley Cyrus and Blue Man group. However, Race saw a picture of the Blue Men and she got too scared so her and My mom left. But we had a good time!

Dana signed Cooper up for tackle football this season. He looks so cute when he is all dressed up in his pads and all that! He hasn't had any games yet, just practices four times a week. So i guess we will have to see how it goes!

But that is about it for our summer! We hope you all had a great summer also!