Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Peace in Park City

This Past weekend the kids had a few days off for Winter Break, so we went up to Park City for two nights. Most of you have probably been to the Alpine Slide, but they now have an Alpine Coaster. It's a lot like a roller coaster, but it's pretty cool riding up the mountain through the fall leaves, and then traveling 40 miles per hour down the mountain.

We all decided we liked this family picture, because Dana actually took off his sunglasses, and smiled with his teeth showing. I guess he had gotten over the shock of the coaster price. ($17.00 for one ride)

Cooper had to pick the biggest, messiest caramel apple.

Carly and Cooper had fun jumping on the trampoline. They feel so deprived that we don't have one at home. We gave it away after Carly broke her leg on it.

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Varsity Outdoor said...

Nice shots. You should buy another trampoline, it brings so many memories. You need more of those moments for the other 2 kids who may otherwise never be able to say they had a broken bone. Ask Carly what she most remembers about being young and she will say the trampoline. You are depriving Cooper of an important event in his short life. - Varsity Outdoor