Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Princess Carly
Cooper the Vampire

Cooper... AKA Troy Bolton

Taylor as Capt. Hook

OK... let's just say I'm glad Halloween 2008 is over! Finding that perfect costume, that's going to be perfect for more than 1 hour is just too hard. Cooper originally wanted to be The Joker, but we couldn't find a joker costume in the store, and we all know I do not sew... so the girls (that includes me) convinced Cooper to be Troy Bolton from High School musical. He agreed and thought it was pretty cool, getting a new basketball and all. But when we couldn't find brown spray paint for his hair, things quickly changed. For Monday's school party we barely got him in the school with his "stupid" hair. As you can see from the picture, auburn is pretty red. So, he was sure no one would know who he was. If anyone asked, he said he was a vampire. As long as there were no more tears, I didn't care. So, come Friday the actual day of Halloween, we tried spraying his hair Black, gold and auburn trying to come up with brown. It was 10 minutes until we had to leave for car pool and he had a huge melt down and quickly proclaimed he was not going to school and Halloween was the "stupidist." I agreed, but since I was driving that morning I had to some how get him out the door. He said he wanted to be a vampire. Luckily, I had just cleaned Carly's room and remembered last year's vampire costume was in her stash of old halloween costumes. In 5 minutes we had that robe on, found the Halloween makeup, put blood marks on, and even found some dracula teeth. Although, the robe no longer hit the floor, a smile was on his face and we didn't even have to wash out the black/red/gold hair color. YEA, Mom! He even smiled for me at the school parade. For trick or treating that night, he put the Troy Bolton costume back on. He said, since it was going to be dark he didn't care. And by 6:00 p.m. that black paint on his hair had actually toned down and was starting to look brown.... or I was just hoping.
Other Halloween Notes: Carly's costume came from a store that sales Prom dresses. They were going out of business, so we got a great deal. In fact it cost less than the Troy Bolton costume. Go figure! (Do you think I could talk her into wearing that to her first prom? Just asking.)
Dana had to dress up as Capt. Hook for work. (I'll post that picture when I get a chance.) Taylor thought it would be funny to try it on. She actuallly never plans for Halloween, so you never know what you'll get from her. Last year she was a cow. This year, at our trunk and treat she showed up with a bright pink wig on. We decided she was Lily, Hannah Montana's best friend. Her friend was Hannah Montana. Maybe I'll post those pictures too.


Katie D. said...

Now I get why Dana had on that wig at the trunk-or-treat. :)

Katie D. said...

Cute kids by the way!

Robin said...

Cute blog--I saw the link on Mircle Mason's blog.