Monday, September 6, 2010


Saying goodbye is never easy... especially for me. Here are the three cute, smart, adorable college students just before we said good-bye.
T.....Terrific Friend
A.... Always finding something fun to do.
Y.... Yodeling Yell (she's famous for it.:)
L.... Laughing - all the time.
O.... Outstanding student
R.... Right - (She may not know her left from her right... but she's headed in the right direction)

Taylor we will miss you! Good luck this semester.

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Lolly Sneed said...

Erin, I popped onto your blog and was so happy to see all of the wonderful picutes...Taylor is so grown up (I know it goes fast) I hope all is well with your family.. Give my Sammi a hug for me when you see her. We are taking David to the MTC on Nov 3rd and are so excited for him. Take care. Lolly