Sunday, January 11, 2009

4 Generations

Joseph Carl Dille, Grandma Bernice Dille Goates, Erin Jo Dille Goff, Carly Jo Goff, Cooper Goff

This past Saturday we drove up to Ogden to see Grandma Goates, who is in a care center, and my parents, who drove down from Idaho. We had the opportunity to take a 4 generation picture. What I love about this picture, is it reminds me about the importance of our names. I got my middle name, Jo, from my dad. He got his first name from his dad. And then we named Carly after my dad, Carl. We also continued the Jo traditition, giving her Jo as her middle name. She was supposed to be called CJ, but that never stuck. Then we switched to Carly Jo, but she didn't like that. So, she's just Carly now. Thanks Dad, Mom and Grandma for giving us a good strong name to keep in the family. :)


Chad & Melissa said...

I clicked on the picture of you guys and it wasn't until it showed up big on the screen that I realized how hot you look! WooHoo!

Erin Goff said...

Anyone can look good next to their 86 year old grandma. Thanks :)