Friday, January 23, 2009

5 Generations

Carl Dille, Bernice Dille Goates, Erin Goff, Grandma Barbara Marie Eldredge, Taylor Goff (2 years old) 1994

When we moved into our new house I lost one very important box. It was a box of all my nondigital photos. I tore the basement apart looking for it and every couple of months would go looking for it again. Finally, I convinced myself that the box was gone. However, during the holiday break, while we were cataloging our food storage Dana found it. YEA! This 5 generation picture was one of the treasures inside. Also inside, photos of Carly's birth. Now, I have proof that she was not adopted.

I can't believe I actually wore that denim top with those flood/peg legged jeans. YIKES! But the best thing about this picture, is Grandma Eldredge's black eye. She told everyone she had gotten in a fight at the nursing home. She would hold up both fists and say, "You should see what the other guy looks like." We all knew she had fallen out of bed.

Moral of this story... Taking inventory of your food storage can bring many blessings. :)


ljdoelling said...

Great photo! Just think you were in style at the time you took the picture. Kenton keeps asking us why we have so much food as we have spent the last few months buying,sealing,organizing and taking up a lot of space. Our home is too small for all this but we too are thankful for the blessings of organizing it.

Kathy J said...

You are looking super sassy in your mom jeans! Also, Taylor looks just like Cooper!!

Julie Huish said...

I LOVE the mom jeans! So funny! Will we look back in 15 years and laugh at the jeans we're wearing now? But what a great picture to have.