Saturday, February 14, 2009

"How to Succeed in a Woman's Business"

Hey, just thought I would put a little plug in for my hubby, so you all don't think I'm a single mom with three great kids. If you're sitting in the Dr.'s Office this winter (and who isn't doing that these days?) Pick up Utah Valley Business Q and for our family members out of town, go to the link below and you'll find a little write up on Dana surviving and thriving in the scrapbooking world. It's on the last page, so I hope you have a long wait in the Dr.'s office. Just Kidding!


Julie Huish said...

Should I be talking to you?

Mandee said...

That was a great article! I like the wife calling part. If they ever did a piece on a day in the life of Aaron Grant, it would be;

talk to wife on the phone
text wife
IM wife
talk to wife on the phone
talk to kids on the phone
wife begging for him to come home
IM wife
text wife at lunch

I am so annoying.

ljdoelling said...

Love the article!! Thanks for sharing the link.